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Slab Foundation Repair

Homes built with slab foundations can have foundation settlements that can cause various problems, including sloping floors, water intrusion, and cracks in walls, to name a few. A common cause of slab foundation settlement problems is the clay soil in our area. A settling concrete slab can also show cracks appearing in the slab. Most home architecture design accounts for most of the structure’s weight rests on the exterior walls, so if the slab settles, the floor pulls down from the walls, which leaves a gap. Over the years, the house’s framing will drop, which can cause cracks under baseboards upstairs in multi-story homes. Many times crown molding is installed to cover gaps at the top of walls that settle with the slab.

You might be experiencing foundation issues for several reasons. Foundation Repair in Houston is prevalent due to the clay content and land elevation with sea level. When your slab cracked, you want to address it quickly and with the best method for your situation—and budget. There are many different ways contractors approach foundation repair. Finding a contractor that knows the best strategy for your foundation is essential for slab repairs that will last.

Slab Foundation Repair

Most foundation repairs aim to elevate the foundation back to as near its original horizontal position. When a foundation settles in, the walls get “stretched” somewhat. That “stretching” of the walls can create cracks in the finished surfaces of the exterior brick and interior sheetrock walls.

The foundation should not move after repairs; however, the framework behind the sheetrock may need a period to “adjust” to the new location. This means that they should wait a few weeks before fixing cosmetic repairs. If you are selling your home and would like to do these repairs immediately, it might be necessary for the new owner to do some minor cosmetic touch-ups later.

Structured concrete piers are the preferred foundation repair piers used to repair slab foundations in Houston and the surrounding areas. These structured piers are suitable for both concrete slab foundation repairs and pier and beam foundation repairs. Noble Foundation Repairs offers a lifetime transferable warranty.

There are other slab foundation repair methods below that we typically do NOT use, such as slab jacking or foam jacking, which can be cost-efficient but are not a thorough and lasting method we use.

Foam jacking injection holes are small (dime-size) and relatively infrequent in number. However, drilling tiled floors at the four-way intersections in the grout lines then patching with stained concrete matching the color of the tile or grout is a great way to create a clean look. Using this method, technicians make a checkerboard pattern over the problem area by drilling holes in your slab, and injecting high-density foam under the foundation. After injecting, the foam expands, raising the concrete, and filling in empty spaces.

If you have a lighter foundation, spot piers work well. A spot pier is shallowly prepared beneath the foundation and filled with concrete. This option is best for porches, sheds, or any other structure with a smaller, therefore lighter, foundational load. They are installed under the foundation using an underpinning process that provides stabilization and lifts for the concrete slab foundation.

Masonry Patches and Sealants repair cracks associated with shrinkage usually occurring in the corners of your foundations. Though they aren’t severe structural issues, they do need maintenance before further damage occurs. Usually, patches and sealants come in the form of hydraulic cement.

Epoxy Resin, an epoxy sealant, is similar to a hydraulic cement sealant but is used with more severe foundational cracking. Epoxy can be injected or poured, allowing you to choose the best application for your situation.
These solutions are suitable for many different structures, as the piers are long-lasting and durable. Polyfoam injection involves injecting a foam material underneath the slab to fill in underground voids and lift the slab.
If you notice settling slab foundation signs, a professional on-site evaluation from a trained foundation repair consultant can help determine the cause.

Pier and Beam

Block and Base




I would highly recommend Noble Goundation Repair to anyone who has a cracked folundation.  We were very concerned how this would work and how long it would take to fix the problem. Noble came in and provided us with a complete road map and did not miss a turn.  They trenched under the home, fixed the cracks and were gone before we knew it.  Everything was left better than when they showed up. I would recommend anyone who has problems with their foundation to feel confident that Noble will fix your home and you will be as happy as we are! Thank you Andrew!

- John Greggor

Our home had a seriously cracked foundation and there were several cracks visible from the street.  Noble Foundation Repair came in and examined the property and provided us with a written descriotion and then completed the rapair in record time.  Our home is now structuraly sound and strong and it looks great.  The value of our home has gone up tremendously.  Thank you Noble.

- Jane Webber

Truly exceptional service.  Everything was detailed for us before the project started and then completed beyond our expectations.  Our house is now strong and sound and everything looks better after they left than before they got here. Highly recommended!

- David Marks

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